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Learning Tool Integration (LTI)

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To use LTI (Learning Tool Integration), your school obtains a license and user key from the software company or publisher, which is entered in WebStudy by the school WebStudy administrator; then Materials or Assignments in your course can be linked to those services and receive confirmation and/or grades from the site, documenting that students went ...

New Gradebook Category Option

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A new option has been added to the creation and editing of Assignments, Exams, Forums and Teams. If Gradebook Categories have already been defined, when you create or edit a coursework item and set it as "part of the final grade", you now have the option to specify the Gradebook Category this item should be ...

Instructor Tip – Dates and Times are Important

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Dates and Times are important!  Pay attention to the Time as well as the Date.  Most confusion occurs over the difference between 12:00 PM (Noon) and 12:00 AM (Midnight) and how that affects End/Due Dates.  In order for Course, Timeline session or Coursework item to be available for the entire day, the Start date/time would ...

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