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“Listen button” available in Assignments Now.

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If your college licenses ReadSpeaker software, the Listen button is now available in Assignment descriptions. ReadSpeaker brings content to life, delivering world-class text to speech (TTS) that help you easily deploy high-quality text to voice solutions – on any platform. Text is highlighted word-by-word as it is read aloud, which is helpful for all students as ...

New Graphic User Interface for Exams – The Do’s and Don’ts when taking exams online.

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There are some important Do's and Don'ts when taking exams online.  This information was previously listed as text on the Confirmation page, where you agree to take the exam now. To make it more visible and quickly scanable we added graphics. If you follow these suggestions you will minimize any issues taking, and successfully submitting, ...

The Webstudy Foundation

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 Join our webinar...What is a Facilitated Interactive Engagement (FIE)?   A FIE is a collaborative strategy that is applied to cross-functional college and university departments to enable them to work together virtually. An engagement designed to guide organizations through tough decision-making processes including all stakeholder perspectives … via group dynamics expertise and group communication technologies. The best way ...

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