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There is a new way to alert students that there is a new News item!
When the News Tab is visible to students in a course and a new News item is created by an Instructor, the name of the Course, and date/time of the new announcement will be displayed under the heading “Course news” on the Dashboard in the Announcements area, following any Institutional announcements.

If confirmation is not required, the user then opens the course from the “Your courses” area and clicks the News tab to read the new item.

If the News item requires confirmation, it will be displayed as a pop-up over the screen when the user opens the course, and the user will need to click the “I confirm that I have read” checkbox before they are able to enter the course.

The “Delete on” date for News items has been removed and Expired news will be displayed in a separate section called Archive the former category will be saved, so the Instructor can edit the End date/time in future and the News item will re-appear in right category.


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