WebStudy now integrates with Microsoft OneDrive

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As you might know, in the past we implemented Google Drive integration with the WebStudy LMS. We have added another popular cloud-based drive: Microsoft OneDrive.

Thanks to this functionality you can easily add files from your OneDrive account to WebStudy LMS. OneDrive files can be converted to various formats and added to learners’ assignments, presentations or as an exam question attachment with a single click. Users can choose whether they want to share the files as “Read only” or “Writable” files. Alternatively, a OneDrive file can be copied to WebStudy as a new Read only material.

Using the feature is simple:

  1. Click the “Attach file from cloud drive” button
  2. Authorize the connection between WebStudy and Microsoft OneDrive
  3. Browse theOneDrive account to locate the desired file(s)
  4. When a file is chosen, it is automatically connected to the WebStudy LMS
  5. Click Submit


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