Dashboard view of your students’ progress in your courses

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In our latest release on May 1st , we activated new functionality for instructors. Instructors are now able to see their students progress through the course’s timeline.  From the Course Dashboard, there is a section called “Student Activity Snapshot”

When you load Student Activity Snapshot (you need to click the link to referesh the data), useful information will show:

The first column shows the student’s name.  In the overview, you can see the  Last Activity a student performed along with the time it occured.  The last column shows the progress of a student through the Timeline Sessions.

You can also easily email any (or selected) students if you wish by clicking the envelope icon or checking multiple students and clicking a button that will appear below the student list.

How is the Timeline progress calculated?


Let’s say that in your timeline sessoins there are 20 items in total:

  • 12 Materials
  • 1 Exam
  • 3 Assignments
  • 4 Forums

Maximum progress is 100% so each item is valued 5%.

Examples of how the calculation works for different types of items …

#Item typeUser' s interactionAction
Material (any type) User opens a material  Progress goes up by 5% 
Exam Student opens an exam detail but didn’t start taking it  No change in progress 
Exam Student clicks “I agree to take the exam now”   No change in progress 
Exam Student submits an exam   Progress goes up by 5%
Exam Instructor resets an exam attempt for a student  Progress goes down by 5%
Forum  Student opens a forum but doesn’t post anything  No change in progress 
Forum  Student starts a new thread in a forum OR post a reply to existing thread  Progress goes up by 5% 
Assignment  Student opens an assignment detail  No change in progress 
Assignment  Student saves an assignment as a draft  No change in progress 
Assignment  Student submits an assignment – sent to instructor Progress goes up by 5% 
Assignment  Instructor returns an assignment for reworking Progress goes down by 5% 

Should you have any questions about this new functionality, please contact WebStudy Support using your new “24/7 Support” tool next to the LOGOUT button:

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