WebStudy Info Channel: Never miss an important update again!

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Sometimes, we receive support requests from users who ask for functionality which has already been implemented in WebStudy.  Or, we’d just like to tell you about planned maintenance or other important information.

We didn’t want to send you more email as we’re pretty sure you already receive a lot of email every day already.  So, we decided to create a different communication tool between WebStudy and you.  Since May 1st you will see the WebStudy Info Channel on your Main Dashboard as soon as you log in.

… you will see something like this:

WebStudy Info Channel

… collapsed view

WebStudy Info Channel - Collapsed

  • You can hide the message – if you click “Hide”, the info box will be much smaller – you return it to full-size by clicking the “Show me more” button.
  • You can page through these short info items by clicking on the “Next” or “Previous” buttons.
  • You can dismiss a single info item by clicking on “Got it! – don’t show this again.”


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