More Powerful Selective Release in Exams

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An enhancement to the selective release of tests for students now allows the instructor to specify three new options on a student by student basis:

  • Enable or Disable the use of a lock down browser
  • Set an exam password different from the primary test password
  • Specify a Proctor location

Possible screnarios where this could be useful for you:

One of your students is in the hospital and won’t be able to complete your exam at least for another week.  You can easily select a special start and end date for him and he will be able to take your exam even when it is after “standard” due date.
Two of your students are taking your exam on an iPad which does not support the use of a lock down browser.  Now you can deselect “Enable LDB (Lock Down Browser) option for these two students.
One of your students traveled abroad and he still needs to complete your exam. The rest of your class is taking this exam in your lab so there is a proctor location restriction. You can select / unselect different allowed locations for each student so everyone is able to finish this exam.

Edit any test and in the “dates and visibility” tab, click on “+” next to “Selective Release”, select any student by clicking on a checkbox next to the student and see the new options:

Selective release

You can now select or deselect the use of a lock down browser.  This is useful, because students using iPads, some smart phones or Chrome Books cannot use a lock down browser.  So, you can now remove the requirement for a student to use a lockdown browser while the rest of the students have to use it, or the other way around – none of your students may be required to use Lock Down Browser, or, only some selected students may be required to use LDB.  
You may set an exam password for specific students that may be different from the one set for the entire test. You can now specify a proctoring password or different passwords for different students, while others may not have a password or proctoring restriction.
Specify a proctor location based on IP address from a list previously set-up by the administrator.  You can now specify a physical location where a specific user must take the test.  To use this option, the school administrator would have to setup IP-based locations.  For example, the administrator may setup, an IP location  “Lab-1”, and assign actual IPs for all computers in that Lab, but instructors will simply have to pick “Lab-1”, and this student will not be able to take this exam anywhere except “Lab-1.”


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