January 2017 Release Notes: New Features Coming to WebStudy!

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In addition to the previously the released introductory article about our new inquiry ticket system,  more features coming to WebStudy this January.

  • New “User Account Activity Analysis” Report for Administrators
  • Enhanced WebStudy Export/Import Functionality
  • New “Word Count” Plugin for Text Editor
  • Mail System Enhancement for Students

New “User Account Activity Analysis” Report for Administrators

This new report is designed for Administrators only.  It allows the administrator to filter ALL user activity:

  • across multiple logon sessions
  • across multiple courses
  • allows specification of unlimited date/time ranges
  • report clearly delimits each logon session by highlighting each one
  • report provides overall totals based on filters specified

Enhanced WebStudy Export/Import Functionality

We have improved export/import functionality by including previously excluded elements:

  • Exported zip file now includes Gradebook
    • Gradebook Categories, including weighted settings
    • All weighted gradable coursework items
    • All extra credit items
    • All droppable (Lowest/highest scored items) and non-droppable (mandatory) coursework items
  • Exported zip file now includes FrontPage text of the course

New “Word Count” Plugin for Text Editor

The WebStudy RTF text editor now has a Paragraph, Word and Character Counter.  It is located in the lower right corner of the RTF BOX.  Character count INCLUDES all punctuation marks, but DOES NOT include spaces.

Word Count

Mail System Enhancements for Students

The WebStudy internal Mail System is a course-related messaging utility.  Before a message can be sent, a user must select a related course.  Prior to this release, in order to use the WebStudy internal Mail System, the course had to be active (the current calendar date had to be between the “START” and the “END” dates).

Students cannot access courses that are not yet active; however, these courses now appear on the WebStudy Main Dashboard even if they are not yet active.  Now, students and instructors can email each other prior to the course activation.

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