January 2017 Release Notes: New 24/7 Support System

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We are please to announce our January 2017 Release!

WebStudy has always provided issue an tracking system but for administrators only.  The new issue system allows all users to track progress of their submitted questions.  Tracking the progress of a submitted inquiry is not unlike tracking the delivery progress of your package when you make an online purchase from an e-commerce enabled website (Amazon, eBay, etc.) – every time an update is made regarding your question, all users involved in the inquiry will get an automatic email notification.  These email notifications can be sent to WebStudy internal email or any email of record (must be saved in the user’s personal record).  Moreover, users will be able to see the entire history of all inquiries they have ever made, including all completed and closed issues.

Accessible from top menu and logon portal

A new link “24/7 Support” is now available next to the “LOGOUT” and “HELP” buttons, and is always, accessible to users regardless of the area within WebStudy they are currently working in.

24/7 support link

Screenshot: 24/7 Support link now available for all users


More than one person can be involved in a single issue

  • For example: when an Instructor is reporting an inquiry that was submitted by more than one student, it is now possible to add multiple students to the same issue. The inquiry will be created by the Instructor in his/her own name, and multiple students will be listed as “Involved users”.  All “Involved users” will get notifications on the progress and resolution of the submitted inquiry.  All “Involved users” will also see this issue in their own historical view.
    • Administrators can include multiple instructors in the loop
    • Instructors can include more than one student in a single inquiry when asking WebStudy Support a question.
    • Users can also “involve” administrators. This process of “involving users” is similar to adding “CC” (carbon copy) to an email recipient list.

issue envolvement

Provides a chronological record of a continuous discussion board

WebStudy Issue activity board

New Attachment Component

  • Users can attach as many files as they wish to their inquiries. These files can be of any web deliverable format, such as documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, images, audio recordings, videos, data files, etc.  WebStudy imposes NO LIMIT on the number of files attached, or the size of these attachments.  Users can either Browse/Choose, and select a file(s) to upload, or drag-and-drop selected files from their local drive or their Cloud Drive (Google Drive).

webstudy attachment

Please Note:  the upload and download speed of the attachments depends on the size of the file(s) and the speed of your Internet connection, so working with the large file attachments may take considerable time.

Powerful filtering features

Administrators are provided with powerful filtering tools to quickly find any issue or perform issue analysis.

  • Filter/Sort issues by username, last name, first name
  • Filter/Sort issues by issue number (if known)
  • Filter/Sort issues by date or date ranges
  • Filter/Sort issues by status (open, closed, etc.)
  • Filter/Sort issues by course name course ID
  • Filter/Sort issues by category (exams, course set up, etc.)

Issues can be related to a course

By relating an issue to a course, the user gets pre-filtered information, such as course related users (instructor will see a list of students in this course) and more…

Take a look at our other new features!

  • New “User Account Activity Analysis” Report for Administrators
  • Enhanced WebStudy Export/Import Functionality
  • New “Word Count” Plugin for Text Editor
  • Mail System Enhancement for Students


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