New Features in WebStudy!

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Just a heads-up that during the past weeks we implemented some minor feature upgrades requested by our customers:

  • A new button in our RTF (text editing) box makes it much easier to insert a file into the content area.
  • The alternative description (ALT) for images is now mandatory (like it used to be in our older content editor .. and as required by WCAG 2.0 standards)
  • New permission type for materials is now available called “Use a link.” Material with this type of sharing permission can be used across the institution, it is even possible to add it to the dashboard and is editable by all institutional administrators (they will see it in their WebStorium)
  • When uploading .ZIP archives, it is now possible for administrators (used to be available for instructors only) to unzip the materials directly into WebStudy.
  • Safe Exam Browser engine is now updated so it can handle a large number of exam attempts at the same time (for example from a school lab, etc.)
  • If the option is turned on by the instructor, an assignment can now be re-submitted by a student until the due date.


  • From the Student Activity Snapshot (Dashboard) it will be possible to select multiple students and send them a message in BCC mode.

Activity snapshot


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